Are You Ready to Return to Live Events?

We love good news, and we know you do, too. So we thought we’d pass along some encouraging things we’ve heard recently around the return of face-to-face events.

– Eric Gavin of independent hospitality management company Benchmark says: “With the anticipation of widespread vaccinations in late spring, we are seeing early signs of pent-up demand for meetings and gatherings. In our view, 2021 is a turn-around year that will kick off a substantial recovery for the meetings industry.”

– Meetings Today recently held an in-person event at Walt Disney World and shares it as a huge success, with no Covid clusters reported and attendees saying they were thrilled just “to be able to stand in line for a glass of wine.” Organizers said simply having the confidence to do the event has raised confidence in doing more face-to-face events.

– Kara Krause, an SVP at E.J. Krause & Associates said in Forbes: “I’ve heard many of my clients express eagerness to return to face-to-face B2B events. They feel that they can generate more impactful business opportunities and better reach potential customers … when they’re not communicating from behind a screen.”

Sounds great, right? If you’re as happy as we are to hear this news, we just have one question: