Did You Know? MPG Does Podcasts!

At MPG, we tailor experiences to audiences, and that means going where the audiences are. When Trimble Ag wanted to share marketing updates and best practices with its dealer network, Trimble knew they most likely would be on the road, driving to and from customers’ farms and other facilities. For that unique audience, a podcast made the most sense.

MPG took the wheel, from concept to scripting and professional voice talent to production. The result: “Tune Up Your Marketing with Trimble,” a travel-themed podcast dedicated to helping dealers jump start new projects and fine-tune what they’re already doing—putting them on the road to better awareness for their dealership, stronger relationships with customers, and a more profitable business.

Because we know an engaging voice is critical to a good podcast, we wrote for and hired a professional emcee whose tone and delivery would resonate with Trimble ag dealers. His friendly, interview-style approach lets Trimble’s marketing experts shine while discussing a variety of topics, from social media to artificial intelligence.

We also created ways to keep each episode rolling with elements like Trimble trivia, favorite on-the-road snack and music advice, and even a “Dad Joke of the Day.” Rounding out each episode are messages from Trimble leadership. “Tune Up Your Marketing with Trimble” has become an important tool for Trimble Ag to connect with and support its dealer network. To listen, go here

MPG may be famous for live experiences, but we also are experts at webinars, podcasts and virtual events. When you need to craft a message and deliver it in a way that connects best with your target audience, we can make it amazing, whatever the medium. Simply share with us your objectives, and we’ll work our magic from creative to flawless execution.

While we’re sharing little-known MPG facts, did you know we have a new demo video? To get a taste of the full breadth of our services and expertise, check this out!