Zevo - Inside the Science

MPG helped Zevo bring its science to life with a 3-D experience showing how Zevo works differently than other bug sprays.

Zevo uses nature-inspired ingredients to kill bugs by overloading their neurotransmitters—a unique method of action that the brand knew would impress consumers, media and retailers.

To visualize this, they turned to MPG. Our team crafted a video framing Zevo as one smart mom’s answer to traditional bug sprays and “natural” ones that haven’t impressed with their effectiveness.

As Mom explains, we zoom to the molecular level for a 3-D animation showing just how Zevo’s active ingredients work within a bug’s system, targeting pathways found only in insects, not people or pets.

MPG brought all its video-production capabilities to bear for this project, creating various versions for social media and filling a much-needed spot in Zevo’s marketing toolbox. Watch the video here.