Crest Whitening Emulsions Webinar

Webinars and other virtual events exploded in popularity with the onset of Covid-19, but quality often suffered due to the unpredictability of going live from remote locations. MPG’s solution for Crest ensured a best-in-class experience by seamlessly combining pre-recorded and live segments.

Paul Sagel, inventor of Crest Whitening Emulsions, knew dental professionals wanted a deep dive into the science behind his new breakthrough. He and the brand team turned to MPG to elevate their webinar above the often clunky, Powerpoint-laden events of the past. We delivered with an experience designed to make the science shine while being as foolproof as possible.

We started with a one-day three-camera video shoot that captured the bulk of the webinar content in a beautiful studio. A Q&A format with a professional host helped take pressure off Paul while creating a more engaging conversational tone. While in the studio, we also captured a series of short FAQ videos for social media.

Our team edited the footage into a polished “look live” presentation. A week later, on the night of the webinar, we went back to the set with everything just as it had been during our shoot. We live streamed, playing the pre-recorded segment first, then going live for Q&A. Viewers experienced one seamless event as MPG and brand team members interacted with them via chat.

Recordings of the webinar are now being used by Crest across a variety of platforms, and the experience is becoming a template for future webinars.